Hertig Karls allé Örebro blomsteräng
A downtown streetscape in Örebro. Photo: Karwan Tahir / Sveriges Radio.

Stockholm can build dense, green housing: politician

4:24 min

As Stockholm grapples with ways to solve its growing housing shortage, a politician from the nearby municipality of Örebro says the midsize city can serve as an example for how to build more homes but keep green spaces intact.

A recent report from the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce called for the capital to begin building on certain nature reserves in Stockholm County that they say block the construction of sorely needed homes.

But writing in Tuesday's Dagens Nyheter, Björn Sundin, a municipal commission in charge of building issues for the town of Örebro, says Stockholm should aim to strike a healthy balance between adding more housing and keeping parks, forest preserves and other green spaces untouched.

"People tend to want to live near parks and green areas but they still need somewhere to live. So, we need to compromise," Sundin tells Radio Sweden. "We need the green areas and we need the housing and we should be able to do it all at the same time."

Sundin points to Örebro as an example of how Sweden's municipalities can work toward making that goal a reality. He says the city builds housing densely and right up to the borders of green spaces.

Sundin says making nature even more accessible to residential housing can actually increase its value in people's eyes.

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