Svenska flaggan. Foto:  Petey21/Wikimedia commons Public Domain
The people who sign up can paint whatever picture they like of Sweden, although the tourism association says it distances itself from any racist statement or any illegal activity. Photo: Petey21/Wikimedia commons Public Domain

What it's like to be a voice of Sweden

5:53 min

Thousands of Swedes have signed up to tell strangers about this Nordic nation by agreeing to be randomly called from abroad.

The voluntary organisation Swedish Tourist Association launched an app that shares out calls to what it calls "The Swedish Number." The association says it is part of celebrating the Swedish tradition of openness.

So far, in just one day, over 5,000 calls have been made to the number.

Radio Sweden called up Patrik Hjelt, one of those who has signed up to be a voice for Sweden. He says he likes being able to tell strangers about his country.

Listen to the full report to get what it sounds like to call Sweden, and what it sounds like when you get called by a complete stranger from abroad.

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