Gustav Fridolin and Isabella Lövin, proposed to be the new leaders of the Green Party. Photo: Jessica Gow/TT
Gustav Fridolin and Isabella Lövin, proposed to be the new leaders of the Green Party. Photo: Jessica Gow/TT

Lövin recommended to replace Romson

Selection committee: We hope those two can explain Green politics in a way that makes our polls better
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The Green Party’s nomination committee proposed Isabella Lövin to replace Åsa Romson as one of the party's two leaders. Romson told news agency TT Monday she will leave the government.

Isabella Lövin, currently Minister for International Development Cooperation, was proposed to replace Romson, who did not receive renewed confidence from the Green Party selection committee. 

“I accepted the nomination, because the nominating committee had me as their strongest candidate and I can see that we now need to move on with our green policies that are very important for Sweden and for the world,” Isabella Lövin told Swedish Radio, and revealed that she had not got the question to be a candidate until Sunday.

Gustav Fridolin was proposed to remain as the second spokesperson of the Green Party, which always has two spokespeople, one male and one female, rather than one party leader.

"I'm humble and grateful for the confidence from the nomination committee," Fridolin said at the press conference.

Several hundred party members had given their views to the nomination committee whose spokesperson Joakim Larsson stressed that its mission was not to consider what mistakes were made but rather who would make the best representatives for the Green Party. 

A few hours after the press conference Romson told TT she would step down from her post as Minister for Environment and Deputy Prime Minister.

"The new spokespersons should shape their team and ensure it's possible to continue working in the government as best they can," Romson told TT.

She said she'd conferred with Lövin and Fridolin and would leave her ministerial posts after the Green's party congress, which will be held this weekend.

Those attending the Green Party's congress will have four days to decide if they'll support the selection committee’s proposal.

Following a series of crises in the Green Party, including the resignation of the former Minister for Housing Mehmet Kaplan, Fridolin and Romson announced two weeks ago that they had asked the selection committee to open a new round of nominations for the spokesperson positions. Both said they would want to continue as leaders of the party, but they said they would let fellow party members decide.

Late Monday afternoon Prime Minister Stefan Löfven held a press conference to comment on Romson's departure. He said he would be "reshuffling" the government, having now to fill the spots left by Romson, former Housing Minister Mehmet Kaplan, and potentially Isabella Lövin's if she is reassigned. He said he would make an announcement in the coming weeks, after the Green Party's congress. But he said there was no question of ending the government cooperation with the Greens.

Löfven praised Romson's tenure as Minister for Environment and listed her accomplishments including working towards a deal at the UN Climate Summit in Paris last December. But he said he understood the decision to step down as minister if she loses her party's top spot.

"I fully understand that Åsa Romson has chosen to step down in this situation," said Löfven.

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