Sweden's Eurovision hopeful shuns celebrity

3:55 min

Is he sorry? Radio Sweden asked the Swedish singer Frans Jeppsson Wall what's the worst part of being in the limelight. People notice him less for his music than for his fame, he said.

"The worst part of fame is how the view of people changes," he told Radio Sweden's reporter. "I want to be noticed for my music, not the celebrity."

Frans wrote his Eurovision entry song “If I were Sorry” together with Swedish Eurovision veterans Oscar Fogelström, Michael Saxel, and Fredrik Andersson. The 17-year-old contestant met a long line of journalists for rapid-fire interviews at the Globen Arena Thursday. 

Frans won Sweden's national song contest, Melodifestivalen, with a record number of votes. He was the youngest winner since Carola Häggkvist won in 1983 at 16 years of age.

Many Swedes know of the Eurovision participant from a 2006 song about the striker superstar Zlatan Ibrahimović. "No-one kicks the football like him, Zlatan, Zlatan," sang a 7-year-old Frans Jeppsson Wall in "Who's da Man" with the band Elias.

He was born in the coastal city of Ystad in southern Skåne to a British father and Swedish mother. He grew up speaking both English and Swedish and moved to Britain when he was eight where he lived for a time.

The Eurovision final is scheduled for Saturday. Several websites which track bookmaker odds on contest participants have Frans' song in their top five results.