Six arrested for smuggling weapons to Sweden

Five people in Bosnia, and a sixth in Sweden, have been arrested for smuggling arms to Islamist extremists in Sweden according to Bosnian authorities, the Swedish news agency TT reports.

Bosnian authorities have seized some 40 firearms, around six kilos of explosives, 10 hand grenades, euro 250,000 in cash and an estimated 50 kilos of marijuana, TT reports.

According to Bosnian media reports, police believe that the weapons were destined for a Group in Sweden Calling themselves "Muslimska bröder", or "The Muslim Brothers".

In a statement later made to TT, Bosnian prosecutors said that those arrested, (in Bosnia), had admitted to the offences, although terrorist links were thought unlikely. 

"As far as we are aware, [those arrested] are not members of any radical movement, nor do they have links to terrorism."

Swedish authorities have so far declined to comment on the arrests.

"We have nothing further to add at this time. We are waiting further information from Bosnia," Carolina Ekéus, spokesperson for Swedish police, said in a written statement.

A spokesperson for Sweden's security service, Säpo, told TT in a written statement that the agency had "no further information" on the reports.

The suspects were arrested on Thursday in the towns of Gradiska and Laktasi, according to the Bosnian interior ministry, TT reports. One individual was arrested "earlier" in Sweden, and two further people are still on the run.

The nationality of those arrested has not been disclosed.

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