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Those named in Löfven's minister reshulffle: Ann Linde, Peter Eriksson, Isabella Lövin, Stefan Löfven, Karolina Skog and Ibrahim Baylan. Photo: Jonas Ekströmer/TT.

No bold moves in minister shuffle, says researcher

Marja Lemne: A record that prime minister hadn't yet made changes
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How significant was the government reshuffle? Not very, one political scientist tells Radio Sweden about Prime Minister Stefan Löfven's minister selections Wednesday.

"Maybe it had been wiser to reshuffle a bit more," says Marja Lemne, a researcher at the political science department at Stockholm University. "There has been a lot of criticism against some of the ministers. They have been considered weak, invisible ministers. And he hasn't handled those problems, at least not as far as we can see by formal changes."

Löfven selected three new cabinet members, two from the Green Party - former party leader Peter Eriksson and municipal commissioner Karolina Skog - and one from the Social Democrats - secretary of state Ann Linde.

The two new Green Party cabinet members ostensibly replaced spots vacated by the two Greens who stepped down. Mehmet Kaplan relinquished his spot as the housing and IT minister after making headlines that he had once dined with members of the Turkish ultra-nationalist group, the Grey Wolves. Several weeks later, after a string of publicity snafus for the Greens, the party co-leader Åsa Romson was not recommended for reelection by the Green's selection committee. She then gave up her role as Environment Minister.

Lemne said that Kaplan and Romson's replacements were, markedly, more seasoned politicians.

"If I concentrate on those there is a significant difference. These are very experienced politicians," said Lemne. "I think maybe it's significant now because the Green Party has big problems in opinion polls. So I think it's good to add more experience."


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