Sweden facing 'daily attacks' of disinformation

1:36 min

Psychological warfare is becoming an increasing threat to Sweden with the country exposed to daily attacks of disinformation, say the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB).

The head of the MSB, Mikael Tofvesson, told Swedish Radio News the rise is mainly down to Russia and the so-called Islamic State attempting to influence the public and decision makers by deliberately distorting information.

“There’s something happening all the time,” said Tofvesson. “The pattern is to pump out a constant narrative which in some way is bad for Sweden.”

There have been examples of fake letters from Swedish officials about Sweden’s role in the Ukraine conflict.

Much of the disinformation, though, is more subtle with incorrect information often pumped out via social media, Tofvesson said. Issues such as immigration, terrorism and NATO membership are often targeted in an attempt to polarise debate in Sweden.

The MSB is going to recruit six new employees to help counter the threat and Tofvesson said he expects more to follow in the future.