Sweden's medallists welcomed home

Sweden's olympic medallists were welcomed home and honoured on stage in Stockholm's Kungsträdgården park on Sunday.

Rain didn't seem to dampen the crowd's spirits, as football coach Pia Sundhage sang Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are A-Changin'" to mark her team's first ever Olympic medal.

Eight out of the eleven Olympic medals were won by women. There were also more women than men competing for Sweden in the Olympics this year. there were 89 women athletes and 69 men in the Swedish line-up this year.

Sweden's medals at Rio 2016


Mountain bike, Jenny Rissveds
100m butterfly, Sarah Sjöström


Individual jumping, Peder Fredricson
Women's football
Skeet, Marcus Svensson
200m freestyle, Sarah Sjöström
Golf, individual, Henrik Stenson
Road race, Emma Johansson


100m freestyle, Sarah Sjöström
69kg wrestling, Jenny Fransson
53kg wrestling, Sofia Mattsson