Swedish high-speed trains lowest performing in Europe

High-speed trains in Sweden have been ranked at the bottom of international statistics for punctuality.

Only 66 per cent of Sweden’s fast trains arrived on time on the Stockholm-Malmö and Stockholm-Gothenburg routes between 2008 and 2015, reports the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. The train type in question is the X2000, operated by SJ. But according to the Swedish Transport Administration, the poor punctuality is not the fault of the train operator.

“We have the worst punctuality in Europe. But you can’t blame SJ for that. Systems faults (to the tracks, cables etc) account for around 60 per cent of the delays, and that is due to us having had lacking maintenance for decades,” Per Uneklint of the Swedish Transport Administration told the paper.

In Japan, the corresponding punctuality was 99 per cent. In Spain and France, 98 and 92 per cent of trains respectively were on time.