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The Baltic Island of Gotland
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Rarer than previously thought...

Radio Sweden Tuesday

Visit Almedalen, one of Sweden’s biggest annual political events.

That’s on the Baltic island of Gotland where holidaymakers are mingling with the politicians. Politics do mix well here with sunbathing, swimming and yachting. But a belt of poisonous algae threatens to keep people out of the water.

And then our environmental editor Azariah Kiros looks back at Green Week in Brussels.

Talking politics: Almedalen exclusive coverage

School uniforms to taxes. Everything is up for debate when politicians strut their stuff at Almedalen. It’s their chance to let us know what they’re really about, and an opportunity to drum up some votes. This annual event is traditionally one of the biggest political events of the year, and this year’s is bigger than ever. Radio Sweden’s Juan Navas reports from the Baltic island of Gotland:

Algae Attacks

Aerial photographs have shown a vast expanse of blue-green algae floating on the surface of the sea. That’s releasing strong poisonous chemicals into the water and if swallowed could kill small children or animals. Our reporter Dave Russell spoke to Ulf Larsson, an expert in ecology:

Statistical glitch

Sweden does not have a population of 9 million as we thought. The population is short by a good 100,000. Serena Möller has the details:

Closing music: Robyn: Who’s That Girl

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