Radio Sweden Wednesday

Gotland’s Get Together - we bring you the latest events and non-events from the political gathering.

Swedish activists take their anti-poverty message to the G8 summit in Scotland , but struggle to be heard as protests turn violent.

And Sweden’s Mini Olympics: 6 thousand young competitors from 12 countries thrash it out at this year’s Summer Games.

PR Paradise - but just how effective?

If you’re a news hound, Swedish summers might have you sniffing around for a good story as sources dry up and everyone leaves town. But, political life doesn’t stop completely, it just moves – from Stockholm to Gotland. We begin our political wrap with Gaby Katz, in what is normally the political capital.

Swedish demonstrators at G8

As the leaders of the world’s richest nations meet in Scotland for this year’s annual G 8 session, Swedish activists have joined the large army of demonstrators nearby – trying to influence the politicians to tackle global poverty. As usual, a few of the protesters have already clashed violently with police – capturing headlines and drowning out some of the messages of the peaceful demonstrators.

Sportscan: Stockholm Summer Games

Summertime in the City of Stockholm, and time for the Summer games, an international sports gathering for children and youth from the ages off 8 to 18. 6 thousand of them from 12 countries are here to compete in 7 sports spread over 5 days. In this July edition of Sportscan we meet some of those competitors and organizers involved in this mini olympics in the Swedish capital.

Closing Music: The Cardigans ”My Favourite Game”