Per Nuder With Gordon Brown

Sweden And UK In Unison

Great Britain’s Chancellor Gordon Brown flew into Gotland on Tuesday for a meeting with his Swedish finance counterpart Per Nuder and afterwards announced that both countries are to launch a joint study to evaluate what social welfare model would best suit the European Union.

Brown said the study will evaluate ”models for a social Europe in the years to come. We wish to work together to modernize the social model in the European Union.”

Nuder said the two countries are well suited to work together on social issues, as Sweden has a cradle-to-grave welfare system and large middle class, while Britain has wider gaps between the social classes in exchange for lower unemployment.

While the British Chancellor flew off to his home country to attend the G8 summit, the Swedish finance meeting stayed on the holiday island of Gotland for Almedalen, the annual political event which carries on all week.

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