Jan Björklund is the leader of the Liberal Party. Archive photo.
Jan Björklund is the leader of the Liberal Party. Archive photo. Credit: Stina Stjernkvist/TT

Liberal Party wants longer schooling for newly arrived migrants

Jan Björklund: If schools succeed, Sweden succeeds
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The opposition Liberal Party has presented its shadow budget, which includes a proposal to extend compulsory education for new immigrants up to the age of 20, instead of the current age of 16.

The party also wants to see new immigrants remain in school during half of the usual summer break.

These measures are estimated to cost SEK 3.3 billion. The Liberals also want to keep the government’s proposed SEK 10 billion to local authorities, as well as spending an extra SEK 13.6 billion on strengthening Sweden’s air force.

The Liberals' leader, Jan Björklund, says his party would, nevertheless, be able to balance the state budget by 2017, a year earlier than the Social Democrat-Green Party government’s budget proposes.

The Liberals would balance the books by cutting other spending. It wants to limit the amount of time people can get sick pay and lower welfare payments for new immigrants and refugees. The party also opposes government plans to raise unemployment pay and to subsidise home building.


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