Education Minister Gustav Fridolin.
Education Minister Gustav Fridolin. Credit: Vilhelm Stokstad/TT

Education minister: school system needs to support refugees

Gustav Fridolin: In general things are getting better
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While the overall number of Swedish school pupils qualifying for high school is rising, newly arrived migrants are pulling down the average. According to Education Minister Gustav Fridolin, the system needs to be "restructured".

"It is of course unreasonable to demand of people who have maybe spent their whole lives on the run to be able to qualify for Swedish high school after a few months, instead of the ten years that other children get," says Gustav Fridolin of the Green Party.

Fridolin says Sweden needs to rebuild its system so that people do not arrive here and immediately encounter failure in school. He says that, in general, things are going well and the government is acting to strengthen the system.

"We want to strengthen the school system in general and except for those who come very late, we see that things are getting better," says Fridolin.

The latest figures from the National Agency for eÉducation show eligibility for high school rising in all groups, apart from among newly arrived children, where only around three percent qualify.

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