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A series of explosions causes deaths and complete chaos in London.

The blasts took place 24 hours after London was chosen over Paris to host the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, we’ll go to Paris for reactions

Ten years since the Srebrenica massacre, we’ll look at what’s being done to foster reconciliation between Bosnian Muslims and Serbs.   

In Germany the dismantling of an unofficial Berlin wall memorial sparks off a controversy

And we re-visit one town in Sweden where its mosquito versus man!


London under attack

Quasi-simultaneous explosions ripped through three underground trains and a bus during peak hour in London on Thursday, killing dozens and injuring hundreds. The blasts took place as G8 leaders were meeting in Scotland.  British Prime Minister Tony Blair, led world leaders in condemning the bombings as barbaric.

Attacks mar Olympic triumph

The London attacks coincided with the G8 summit, they also took place twenty four hours after the international Olympic committee announced that the city of London would host the 2012 summer Olympic Games.

Srebrenica, 10 years on

Ten years ago, nearly eight thousand Bosnian Muslims were killed by Serb soldiers in the town of Srebrenica, in former Yugoslavia. Many international representatives and families of victims will take part in services, marking the anniversary of the massacre early next week.

Protests at Unofficial Berlin Wall memorial

Bulldozers have started to level a private Berlin Wall memorial site, at the former Allied crossing-point, code-named “Checkpoint Charlie”, and it’s creating an uproar. The site contained over one thousand wooden crosses, bearing the names of those killed by former East German border guards, while trying to cross the inner- German frontier during the cold war.

Down and out in Prague

Police in Prague are investigating two separate incidents of petrol attacks against homeless people sleeping on night trams. In one incident a man ended up in hospital with second degree burns - and a tram driver was arrested and charged with attempted murder. The attacks have raised awareness of the plight of homeless people in the Czech Republic.

Mosquitoes, Mosquitoes, Mosquitoes!

The inhabitants of a small Swedish village are on the receiving end of a terrifying mosquito invasion that has left one household in particular under siege and an insect scientist scrambling for the record books.