Erik Bromander and Anna Johansson
Bromander has been secretary to Anna Johansson since the autumn of 2014. Photo: Foto: Kristian Pohl/Regeringskansliet/Lars Pehrson/TT

Government official sacked after sky high travel costs revealed

The chief aide to the Minister for Infrastructure Anna Johansson has been fired in the wake of revelations about his travel expenses.

Erik Bromander went on at least 27 foreign trips at a cost of SEK 829,000 since he was appointed in October 2014, an investigation by Dagens Nyheter discovered.

Bromander was an unelected official in the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation and worked as state secretary to Social Democrat Johansson.

She told Dagens Nyheter that Bromander had to leave his position as she had no longer had 100% confidence in him.

Bromander was reported to have travelled mostly in business class, which is against government policy of trying to find the lowest possible fares. He was also said to have extended business trips to become personal.

In the same period that Bromander spent more than SEK 800,000, four other secretaries in the ministry spent between SEK 39,000 and SEK 171,000 on travel.

He said in a statement on the government’s website that he had asked for a review into his travel expenses and that there were some inaccuracies, which he apologised for.

“Obviously I will do the right thing and pay back every penny,” he said.

“My behaviour has affected the trust between me and the minister. She must feel that she has 100% confidence in me as her closest adviser; every day, in every question. Sadly that is no longer the case.”

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