Asylum seekers walking in Serbia.
Sweden received a record number of asylum seekers in 2015 as millions of people fled to Europe. Credit: Darko Vojinovic

Courts unhappy with EU asylum law proposals

Susanne Palme explains criticism
7:19 min

Sweden’s migration courts have criticised some legal recommendations included in the EU’s proposal to create a universal asylum law.

In a consultation about the proposal, the courts were unhappy that decision making power would be moved from Swedish courts to the EU.

The eight proposals include that the EU would determine which countries would be safe for failed asylum seekers to be sent back to, instead of that decision being made on an individual basis as it is now in Sweden.

Authorities are also unhappy that they would no longer be able to return to their policy of allowing asylum seekers to be given permanent residency – a right that has been temporarily restricted in Sweden.

Swedish Radio News reporter Susanne Palme says every EU country currently sets their own asylum policy, with some more generous than others. That therefore leads to the countries with less restricitve policies, such as Sweden in 2015, typically receiving more secondary movers within the EU from countries such as Greece.

Palme says a universal law would be an attempt to make the distribution of people more even.

She says the Swedish government is positive about a universal law but is pushing to make it closer to the standards of Swedish law.


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