Cute now - harder to handle later...

Dumped exotic pets turn up on Stockholm streets

”A puppy is for life not for christmas” - is a lesson that authorities in Stockholm are hoping people will re-learn.

Last week alone, metropolitan police were called out on three separate occasions after reports of exotic pets on the run.

A 2.5 metre leguan-lizard was found basking in a bush in Sundbyberg, a large boa-constrictor slithered down a sidewalk in Jarfälla, and a troop of tropical turtles turned up in Täby.

Head of Stockholm’s Skansen Zoo, Jonas Wahlström, told the Stockholm newspaper Dagen’s Nyheter, that the animals appear to have been turned into the wild by the their owners who could or would no longer look after them.

The dumping of cats and dogs has long been a problem in urban areas, but the exotic pet boom of recent years seems to have an unfortunate underside as well.

Wahlström says that many people think they are doing the animals a favour letting them go - but that as most of the exotic pets come from the tropics, winter in Sweden makes survival impossible.

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