100 truckloads of snus are thrown in Swedish toilets every year.
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100 truckloads of snus are thrown in Swedish toilets every year. Credit: Radio Sweden
Used snus pouches.
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A million kilos of snuff dumped in Swedish toilets every year

Water Association: Bad for the environment
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The equivalent of 100 truckloads of snus are thrown by users into the toilet every year, putting a strain on the sewage system, according to the Swedish Water & Wastewater Association (SWWA).

Every day four million snus pouches are flushed down the toilet, which is about 1,100 tons a year.

It’s putting a “completely unnecessary strain” on sewage treatment plants said SWWA’s Anna Linusson.

She said they are “not built to deal with hazardous substances” such as the toxic chemical cadmium, which is found in snus. It is therefore “therefore liable to eventually end up in the wild”.

Remember the only thing that should go in the toilet is pee, poo, toilet paper and the occasional vomit or two.

Linusson said snus, the moist tobacco that is placed under the upper lip, does not decompose naturally and urged users to throw used pouches into a bin rather than a toilet.

"A lot of environmental issues are hard and maybe require that you do a lot of change in your life but this actually only requires that you have a wastepaper basket in your bathroom," she told Radio Sweden.


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