Radio Sweden Wednesday

European Ministers meet in Brussels to set priorities for immediate action against terrorism.

A special Swedish-designed infrared camera makes its way into space.

With temperatures rising here Swedes are closing their desktops and heading for the deckchairs. But it’s not just all fun and games.

And in Business Brief we’ll look at this country’s forest industry and its struggle to recover after a devastating winter storm.

EU meets on anti-terrorist actionplan

European Justice and interior ministers including Sweden’sThomas Bödström have been called to a special meeting in Brussels today to discuss accelerating anti-terror measures after the London bombing attacks. The meeting will set priorities for immediate action. Our reporter Dave Russell spoke to Mikael Tollerz from Sweden’s Ministry of Justice, who’s in Brussels, and asked him if he expected any new anti-terror measures to be proposed.

Swedish Camera On Discovery

With today’s launch of Discovery, NASA’s space program blasts off again after 2 and a half years.  And on board is a Swedish-designed infrared camera, created to safeguard against accidents like the fatal 2003 Columbia shuttle disaster.  NASA was so impressed by the technology, they sent their one and only Swedish astronaut back home to say thank-you. Gaby Katz met Christer Fuglesang:

Landmark ruling overturned

A precedent setting verdict has been overturned by the court of appeals. In May a man was found guilty of violating the civil rights of his children, by beating their mother in front of them. While the court has upheld the three and a half year prison sentence, it deviates on the most controversial point. The appeals court does not agree that it was a crime against the children to allow them to watch the assaults.


It’s holiday time in Sweden. But a growing number of workers who haven’t quite clocked off yet are closing their office doors and taking advantage of technology by working virtually anywhere they want. Serena Möller looked into the story. 

Business Brief July

In this Business Brief special, Radio Sweden’s Bill Schiller takes a look at the forest industry here and its struggle to recover after a devastating winter storm. He also takes us to the world’s biggest forest industry fair, which takes place every 4 years right here in Sweden.