Fida Hossein is staying with a Swedish-Somali family in Vänersborg.
Fida Hossein is staying with a Swedish-Somali family in Vänersborg. Credit: Mona Ismail Jama
Coming alone to Sweden

Fida found a Somali home in Sweden

Fida: We mix Swedish and English - and a little Somali
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Some of the unaccompanied minors in Sweden are staying with people in their homes. 17-year-old Fida Hossein from Afghanistan is staying with a family that originally comes from Somalia.

Fida prefers to stay in a family, compared to a home for unaccompanied minors. He lives with Rahma Mohamed and her children in a two-storey house in central Vänersborg.

"Rahma is like my mother, I am like her child, she is like my home," he says.

Fida says he likes the fact that the meals aren't so structured that everybody has to sit down to eat at the same time, but you can get food when you are hungry. And he likes the food that Rahma cooks.

The fact that the family often speaks Somali at home does not bother him, even though he finds it hard to understand. Sometimes the kids in the family, who have all been born in Sweden, help out to translate.

But one Somali expression has made it into the common vocabularly, and that is "wallahi", which means "I swear to God".

This story is part of a series about the everyday lives of unaccompanied minors in Sweden, young people who have come here without their parents.


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