The test with an apple and a pen nearby.
More and more advanced methods of cheating at the university entry exam have been detected over the past year. Credit: Raina Medelius/Sveriges Radio

51 banned from university entry exams after cheating

Council for Higher Education: They can be put in jail for 6 months
4:56 min

51 cases of cheating at this autumn's national university entry exam have been detected by the Swedish Council for Higher Education, which is considering reporting some of them to the police.

Cheating at the university entry exams has in the past not led to any other consequences than the exam paper being declared invalid. But the Council for Higher Education has introduced stricter rules, and the 51 who were found cheating in this autumn's test will be the first ones to be punished. On Monday they were told their exam papers were invalid, and that they will be banned from taking the exam for the next two years.

Some of the worst cases will also be reported to the police, which according to the Council for Higher Education may result in them being sentenced to fines or even imprisonment for up to 6 months.

This autumn, approximately 55,000 people sat the exam.

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