Radio Sweden Thursday

Europe falls silent for two minutes as a mark of respect for those killed in the London bombings a week ago today.

In Stockholm, Sweden’s Foreign Minister Laila Freivalds discusses the measures proposed for fighting terrorism.

We find out why there’s a call for ” Do-It-Yourself tests” for colon cancer to be taken off the shelves of Sweden’s pharmacy stores.

A Medieval Saint, a murder and a Church; a centuries old riddle is solved, or is it?

And We’re in Washington to meet Jan Eliasson, Sweden’s former Ambassador to the US.

Closing Music: Cajsa-Stina Åkerström ”Härlig Dag”

Freivalds Speaks Out on Terrorism

There was a Europe-wide 2 minutes silence today for the victims of the London bombings. Suggestions for new measures in combating international terrorism were on the agenda at the Swedish foreign ministry in Stockholm today as ministers of the ”Summer government” presented information to journalists on a variety of topics including the problems in staff shortages in care for the elderly during the summer and fighting forest fires in the southern part of the country. Bill Schiller was there:

Uppsala Riddle May Be Solved

Archaeologists in Uppsala believe they’ve solved the mystery whereabouts of a church where Sweden’s patron saint was murdered in the 12th century. The riddle appears to have been solved at the town’s most famous landmark. Mark Cummins has more:


Radio Sweden Meets Jan Eliasson

Time now to cross the Atlantic to the United States where Radio Sweden’s Christine Demsteader meets Jan Eliasson, Sweden’s Ambassador to the US, who takes up his new post as president of the United Nations General Assembly on September 1st this year.