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Green Party leader Isabella Lövin and Social Democrat PM Stefan Löven (left) have increased their lead over the Alliance parties. Anna Kinberg Batra (right) is the leader of the biggest Alliance party, the Moderates. Credit: Jonas Ekströmer/TT, Lars Pehrson/SvD/TT

SCB opinion poll: Red-Greens increase lead over opposition

SCB: If an election were to be held today
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The Red-Green parties have increased their lead over the centre-right opposition parties but a Statistics Sweden poll shows that the Moderates, Social Democrats and Green Party have continued to decline in voter support.

Infographics: November 2016 Party Preference Survey

At the midway point in Sweden's four year election cycle, the Social Democrats, Greens and Left Party taken together received 41.4 per cent of voter support against the Alliance parties' 37.9 per cent, an increase compared to an earlier poll conducted by Statistics Sweden (SCB) in May.

The Social Democrats' level of support is at 29.2 per cent. Its government coalition partner, the Green Party, received 4.5 per cent while the Left Party polled 7.7 per cent.

The Sweden Democrats polled 17.5 per cent, a 0.2 percent increase from May.

The Christian Democrat party, which is a member of the four party Alliance (Moderates, Centre, Liberals, Christian Democrats) polled 3.1 per cent which is below the four percent threshold needed to enter parliament.

The survey suggests that the Moderates, the biggest party in opposition, lost the most in support compared to the survey in May, dropping 1.9 percentage point to 22.8 percent. The Centre party increased one percentage point to 7.1 percent.

"I take it as a clear signal that we need to work harder," says Moderate party secretary Tomas Tobé to news agency TT.

"We need to become clear that a vote for the Moderates is the best guarantee to oust Stefan Löfven," he says.

If one compares SCB's November poll to the election result in 2014, the biggest winners are the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats, reports news agency TT.

Jimmie Åkesson's party has increased its support over the two year period by 4.6 %. The Left party has also performed strongly, going up two percentage points while the Centre Party has increased by one percent.

"It's a figure we are pleased with," says the Sweden Democrats' party secretary Mattias Karlsson to SVT News.

"The great leap we've taken since the election, we will retain and continue and even increase slightly, so I'm very happy," he continues.

"We are historically underestimated in Statistics Sweden's measurements, and they find it difficult to catch up our voter streams. I do not think there is a leveling off," Karlsson says to Swedish Television News.

The biggest loser since the election is the Green Party. The Social Democrats' coalition party in government has dropped a third of its support by 2.4 %. The Social Democrats have dropped 1.8 percent while the Christian Democrats have lost 1.5 percent in the voter statistics.

"We are stable in the (SCB) opinion poll since May, but obviously we need to increase our support," says Green party secretary Amanda Lind to TT.

SCB's survey is an estimation of the election results "if an election were held today", and is based on a national random probability sample consisting of 8952 people.

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