Network Europe

Vacation, Vacation, Vacation!

In this Network Europe special we focus on European’s summer. We take peek at a nudist camp site in Germany, we’ll look at the impact of low cost airlines in the Czech republic and in Slovakia,  we’ll also learn more about one of the world’s most visited monuments, the Eiffel tower, and we’ll stop in Sweden, where we find out that some people are still busy working, even though on holiday.


Telecommuting Swedes

A growing number of employees there haven’t quite clocked off in Sweden yet, but they are closing their office doors, and taking advantage of technology, by working virtually anywhere they want. 

Nude Germans: a century of naturalism

Go to a park there on a fine sunny day, and you’re likely to stumble across more than one person, soaking up the rays - nude.  While most foreigners do a double-take, Germans are quite relaxed about it. That’s because there’s a long tradition of nudism in Germany, dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. The ”FKK” movement - or Free Body Culture - has its roots in Berlin. During the industrial revolution, it was a way for city dwellers to escape back to nature. The movement took on a special significance after the Second World War - especially in what was then East Germany.

Low cost airlines open up Eastern Europe

How are low cost airlines changing tourism in Eastern Europe? In the Czech Republic, they have revolutionised air travel, and are a major boost for the tourism industry. A million Britons are set to visit the Czech Republic this year, with the vast majority of them holidaying in Prague. Low cost airlines have made the city a feasible - and cheap - alternative to a weekend break in the UK. But the sheer number of British visitors is changing the face of the Czech capital.

The “eternal” Eiffel Tower

The most visited “pay to enter” monument in the world is the Eiffel tower in Paris! The iron lady draws more than six million visitors a year. Gustave Eiffel’s master piece was originally built as a temporary attraction for the Paris universal exhibition of 1889. But Eiffel gave it solid foundations, and he found use for it…

Closing music - “Staying out for the summer”, Dodgy