Ebba Busch Thor, Dan Eliasson, and Anna Kinberg Batra
Ebba Busch Thor, Dan Eliasson, and Anna Kinberg Batra Credit: TT

Demands for resignation of Police Commissioner

Kingberg Batra: Dan Eliasson instills no confidence
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The leader of the conservative Moderate party, Anna Kinberg Batra, has called for Sweden's National Police Commissioner to resign. Ebba Busch Thor, the leader of the Christian Democrats, also says that it is time for Eliasson to step down.

In her Christmas speech on Monday, Batra said that Commissioner Dan Eliasson should be held accountable for a crisis affecting the police force.

"The Government must realize that the Commissioner does not measure up," she said.

 To bring order to the police requires resources, but also leadership, Kinberg Batra said in her speech in Stockholm.

"The police's organisation is not the answer to all questions, but it is an important part. Stefan Löfven is responsible for a government that must take responsibility for the central functions of how society works," she said.

"It's not good enough to be passive spectators. The government must realize that the Commissioner does not measure up."

The leader of Sweden's largest party in opposition said that Dan Eliasson instills no confidence in his own organization, nor the public.

Addressing other themes, the Moderate leader said that integration is now Sweden's big challenge, and said that a shorter route to a job is the right solution.

Echoing Kinberg Batra's demand, Christian Democrat leader Ebba Busch Thor said "I don't see how Dan Eliasson can remain as National Police Commissioner with the weak support he enjoys among members of the police force."

Sweden's Social Democrat prime minister Stefan Löfven gave his Christmas speech at the weekend.

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