Ever Fewer Swedish Wild Berry Picketers

  An alarm cry from the Swedish forests – the quickly dwindling number of Swedes willing to harvest those wild berries during the short summer months.

  The Swedish wild berry industry claims it would have to fold up without those foreign workers.

A new study claims that less than 5% of the berry-pickers here are Swedes – and the number is going down – since it’s mostly old-timers around pension age willing to hit the woods.

  Despite the shortage of summer jobs for students and school kids, the younger Swedes turning up their noses at the low salaries and the mosquitos.

  The makers of jams, jellies and juices from blue, cloud and wild strawberries also note a shift in the nationalities of their summer volunteers.

  The once numerous Poles, Estonians, Lativians and Lithuanis from jsut across the Baltic Sea seem to be staying home where salaries are climbing -– replaced more and more by Ukrainians and Asians – travelling all the way from the opposite side of the globe to pick those berries.