Protesters against Donald Trump in New York
Protesters against Donald Trump in New York. The Swedish travel agency Ving has noticed a 40-per-cent drop in travel figures to New York. Credit: Craig Ruttle/TT

Swedish travel to USA suffers "Trump effect"

Travel agent: The interest in travelling to the US has declined since he was installed
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Swedish tourists are turning down the USA as a holiday destination, and travel agents say it is because of the new US government.

As reported previously this week, 80 per cent of Swedes dislike US president Donald Trump, according to a survey by Novus, commissioned by Swedish Radio.

It now appears that the Swedes’ dislike for the president is showing in travel figures to the United States. Swedish Radio’s local news in the southern town of Kristianstad spoke to two travel agents who both said they had seen a decline in interest in travelling to the US.

Magdalena Öhrn is the head of communications at Ving, one of Sweden’s main travel agencies.

“In the past four weeks we’ve noticed a big drop, especially to New York. A little less to the rest of the US. About 10 per cent for the US on the whole, but 40 per cent for New York,” Öhrn told Swedish Radio’s local news.

“I do think it’s a Trump effect. There’s a lot happening in the world, and I don’t think people feel uneasy travelling to the US. I don’t think they’re frightened, but it’s perhaps more of a protest against a new president,” Öhrn added.    

Tommy Swanson specialises in organising trips to the States, and has been doing so for four decades. He is convinced the reason for the dwindling interest in travelling to the US is due to President Trump.

“Naturally we notice that the interest in travelling to the US has declined since he was installed,” Swanson told Swedish Radio’s local news.

“It’s because of Trump’s attitude to the rest of the world, and to most things,” he added.

Both Swanson and Öhrn maintained that the future is looking uncertain for the US travel market in Sweden. But Tommy Swanson said he thought the trend could be reversed.

“It naturally depends on his policies, whether he calms down his gambits or if it escalates. It’s hard to say. I think the next few months will remain somewhat uncertain,” he said.


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