Expert: Sweden is not as prepared as UK in terrorist attack response

4:08 min

Peder Hyllengren, a terrorism researcher at the Swedish Defence University, says Sweden is not as prepared to respond quickly to an attack similar to the one in London on Wednesday.

“The Brits are in a class of their own,” Hyllengren told Radio Sweden. “The Swedish reaction would probably have been okay, but not as quick at the British is my guess.”

Hyllengren emphasizes how difficult it is to predict and prevent lone-wolf attackers using low-tech means such as a car as a murder weapon. He said that terrorists need two things: capacity and intention and these kind of attacks require minimal expertise.

“There is a lower level of capacity needed. Everyone can drive a car, not everyone can make a bomb,” he said. “This is something that we will see happen more and more.”

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said these attack prove the importance of preparedness. He detailed the government’s proposed strategy against terrorism.

“We're taking stronger measures against weapons crimes, we're going to make it more difficult for people to get ahold of guns. We're criminalizing terrorist travel, making it harder to abuse a Swedish passport," Löfven said.

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