Mari Moberg and her daughter.
Mari Moberg and her daughter today. Credit: Private

Mari Moberg gave birth in a car on the way to hospital

Mari Moberg: It was shock and panic
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Protests staged outside of parliament over hospital maternity unit closures in mostly rural Sweden, have revived painful memories for mother of three, Mari Moberg, who gave birth to her daughter in a car.

Although it was nearly five years ago, an emotional Mari Moberg remembers the birth of her daughter Lisa as if it was yesterday, and it's no surprise.

The cafe owner from Mora tells Radio Sweden how she gave birth in the car at a closed petrol station in Rättvik on 17 December, 2012. She faced a one hour journey from her home to the hospital in Falun.

The ambulance sent to help her and her partner Patrik drove to the wrong location. And when Lisa was born, her umbilical cord was wrapped twice around her neck.

"When Lisa was born she had the umbilical cord around her neck twice. She did not move, she was all still and silent. I think that was the most scary moment," she tells Radio Sweden. "We started to pull the cord, but it was hard, it was tight around her neck and slippery. We got it off but she was still quiet and still, so I rubbed her chest and finally she started to scream. It was probably just a few seconds but it felt like an eternity."

Mari Moberg wants the SEK 500 million promised by the government for maternity care to go towards reopening some of the baby units in the country which have been closed and forced expectant parents to travel long distances to hospital to give birth.


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