The police press conference
The police press conference Credit: Jessica Gow/TT

Police investigation of terror attack moves into new phase

The Swedish police say some 50 officers are involved into the investigation following last Friday’s terror attack in Stockholm, when a man stole a truck and killed four people on a central walking street.

 At a press conference Thursday, the police said so far they have received some 1000 tips, have carried out 700 interrogations, and have taken 300 objects in for analysis.

“This says nothing about whether Sweden is a safer place today than it was a week ago,” the police’s Staffan Hector says. “We’re now moving into a preliminary investigation. What has happened? Who might be under suspicion? Much has to be put together for something understandable to be presented in court.”

The head of the investigation, Anders Wretling, underlines it will be a lengthy process:

 “We want it to go as quickly as possible, but from experience we know it will take time,” he says.

 The police have previously said the investigation could take to one year.

 Around 50 officers are working full-time on the investigation, but Wretling says their current planning is for the next six months. Afterwards they may reduce or increase the resources needed.

 Staffan Hector praises the officers who responded to Friday’s attack, and said things went well when the suspect was detained.

 “Sometimes we think its equipment and weapons that make us successful,” he said. “But I would like to point out that it is attitude that makes for progress. I think the officers who were first on the scene showed that. I have nothing that admiration and respect for the work they did.”

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