Lovefest organizer: We wanted to respond to terror with love

4:38 min

Following the Friday’s attack, two Stockholmers decided to take action. Damon Rasti and Nisha Besara organized a "lovefest" vigil to honor the victims and to give people a place to grieve and reflect.

On Sunday, tens of thousands of people gathered at Sergels Torg, a square in central Stockholm, just a short distance from where the attack took place. The event included remarks from politicians and performances from musicians as well as a minute of silence marking 48 hours since the attack.

"It makes me even more proud than I usually am to be a Swede and a Stockholmer," Besara said about the almost 45,000 people showing up to the event. "You can never respond with anything but love if you want to take away the ground for people that want to attack you."