Inquiry into Transportgate IT scandal

2:25 min

The new Minister for Infrastructure has announced an investigation into the scandal that saw his predecessor step down.

"I am eager to get to the bottom of this" says Social Democrat minister Tomas Eneroth.

The Transport Agency, a part of the state under the responsibility of the infrastructure minister, had outsourced its data handling to companies that were not cleared to handle all its secrets.

The Swedish government is now appointing an investigator to look into how this illegal outsourcing could have been waved through by the head of the agency, despite warnings from the head of security.

The investigator will look at the whole process of outsourcing, from idea to the final roll-out. It will find out who made the crucial decisions and its results will be presented on the 31st of January 2018.

The new management at the Transport Agency will also find out what data has been handled wrongly and what can be done to prevent a repeat of the safety breach.

Information about the illegal outsourcing of secret data was known as early as 2015. The new minister says such questions should have been asked at that time, and part of the investigation will be to find out who had avoided asking the relevant questions.

He also says that the previous government, which lost power in 2014, has a share of the responsibility for pushing hard for outsourcing.

The conservative Moderate Party, which was then leading the government and is now in opposition, says the investigation does not remove the government's responsibility to explain how they handled the data scandal. The party's defence spokesperson, Hans Wallmark, has asked the prime minister whether the IT security risk was discussed in the government's security council. The foreign minister answered for the PM, and said it had not been discussed.

And the Green Party, the junior partner in government, has made its first statement on the whole affair. Education Minister Gustav Fridolin says it is serious that information on the illegal handling of information did not reach the whole government. He says his party, and the deputy prime minister, only knew about it in January when the then-head of the Transport Agency was removed from her job.