Newcomer Diaries: Jyothi searches for spices and a little bit of home

4:38 min

Naga Jyothi moved to Sweden a few weeks ago. Following disappointing encounters with Swedish food, she heads on a journey to find Indian groceries in Stockholm.

"I tried to eat some Swedish food at the office, my colleagues took me to new places daily actually," she explains.

Sorry to say this, but Swedish food is something like tasteless, because there's no spices, there's no hot or salty or something like that. But, to be frank, it's healthy.

In this episode, Jyothi visits a South Asian grocery shop in Central Stockholm.

The shop owner, Abdul Waheed Mirza, tells Radio Sweden he came to Sweden during the 1960s from Pakistan, and was one of the first to import mangoes and basmati rice.

This summer, Radio Sweden is following the journeys of three new arrivals as they adjust to life in Sweden. Listen to Newcomer Diaries on the Radio Sweden Weekly podcast,, or on the radio to keep up with Jyothi, Weronika, and Randy this summer.