Police removed anti-Pride protestors

3:01 min

Far-right extremists attempted to block Stockholm’s gay pride parade on Saturday, briefly halting the procession, before there were removed by police.

Between ten and 15 anti-Pride protestors, from the far-right Nordisk Ungdom [Nordic Youth] group, were seized by police, driven out of the city, and then released.

"They caused a disorder and stopped the parade temporarily," Mats Eriksson from the Stockholm police told TT newswires. 

More than 45,000 people took an active part in Stockholm's Pride parade, the grand finale of the city's Pride Festival. About half a million people came to watch. 

The festival is held to celebrate the lives of and promote the rights of gay, lesbian, transgender and queer people.

Daniel Wiklander, the acting chief editor of Expo, which monitors far-right groups, said that the event was an obvious target. 

"It's partly because it contradicts their values and partly to get publicity," he said. "It's an event that's very large. It's a great way to get publicity."  

After the arrests, the group issued a press release saying their protest was about defending the nuclear family.

The far-right protest began at Stureparken at around 15:00 but was broken up by police.

The protestors regrouped shortly afterwards when they attempted to block the path of the parade at Valhallavägen in Östermalm, holding a sign saying "Save the Children". 

A further three people were also asked to leave because they were “interfering,” Eriksson said.