Police drop investigation against ex-Finance Minister

1:40 min

Swedish police have laid down their investigation into sexual molestation accusations against Sweden's former finance minister, Anders Borg, after failing to find a victim willing to bring charges.

"There are no conditions for investigating the crime," Mats Eriksson, a press spokesman for the Stockholm police, told Radio Sweden. "We are lacking injured persons or witnesses to the event." 

"We've been waiting for people to come forward and we know that if there are persons who have been inujured or been witness to what happened, we want them to come forward and there are no people who have contacted us." 

Borg had been reported to the police after reportedly drunkenly losing control at a party in the Stockholm Archipelago and reportedly molesting several other guests.

On Saturday, three people rang police in Stockholm anonymously to report Anders Borg on the basis of media reports.