Sweden Democrats see historic fall in support in new poll

3:11 min

The anti-immigration Sweden Democrat party has seen the biggest drop in its support in its history, according to a new poll by Demoskop for the Expressen newspaper.

The party has seen its support drop from a near peak of 20.1 percent in the pollster’s last survey, carried out in late June and early July, to 16.6 percent in the poll carried out in the first week of August.

Another poll by Novus for Swedish Television saw the party lose 1.3 percent to hit 18.7 percent.

This significant drop for the Sweden Democrats comes after a turbulent summer for Swedish politics, with two ministers resigning over a government IT scandal, after the opposition centre-right Alliance parties launched a no-confidence motion against three ministers.

“Discontented voters who went over to the Sweden Democrats are now ready to come back,” Anders Lindholm, the polling company’s chief executive, told Expressen.

The party’s highest support, according to Demoskop’s polls, came at the start of June, when it hit 20.2 percent, ending a steady rise from the 12.1 percent Demoskop gave them immediately after the last general election in September 2014.

Despite weathering one of its worst crises in since the election, the Social Democrats support grew to 28.4 percent, giving it its strongest standing in a Demoskop poll since March 2015. The Novus poll meanwhile reported an even greater two percent increase in the Social Democrats’ support since its last poll at the end of May.

“It’s heartening that we’re making progress, but we’re not going to just rest on our laurels, but instead make even more effort,” the Social Democrarts’ party secretary Lena Rådtsröm Baastad said.

But the opposition’s no-confidence motion seems nonetheless to have done them little harm, with the Moderate Party growing 1.5 percent in the Demoskop poll to hit 17.2 percent, overtaking the Sweden Democrats as the second largest party, with the Centre Party also growing.

The Novus poll, however, reported a 0.7 percent fall in support for the conservative Moderates.

The Demoskop poll saw the Liberal Party, Green Party and Left Party losing support.