Possible corruption when police partied with passport company

1:15 min

The Swedish police have reported themselves for suspected corruption, after a Dagens Nyheter investigation showed a close relationship between the officers who handled the contract for the manufacture of passports, and the company that eventually won the bid.

The two officers have gone on trips to Helsinki for a party arranged by the passport bidder, which also booked flights and hotels, although it is unclear who eventually paid the costs.

The police officers also met the company’s representatives at a Stockholm hotel for drinks and dinner.

After the company, AB Svenska Pass, won the five-year-contract, worth SEK 735 million, the officers went to a conference in Portugal arranged by the company. An email to them from Svenska Pass says “your money is deposited, you should have it next week”. Neither of the officers have said who paid for the conference trip.

Public law expert Andrea Sundstrand at Stockholm University says that such behavior is definitely inappropriate. When there is a contract up for bids then all companies competing should be treated equally, she says.