Centre-right opposition want "entry jobs" on 70 per cent pay

3:31 min

The four centre-right opposition parties want to introduce a new form of employment, with 70 per cent of a normal starter salary, to try to bring more people who are young, or are new in Sweden, onto the labour market.

According to the proposal, which was presented at a press conference in Stockholm on Tuesday, young people under the age of 23, and people who have come to Sweden in the last five years, would be eligible for this kind of entry job.

The job should be available for up to three years, and during that period, the employer would not have to pay payroll tax, while the employee would get up to 70 per cent of the current entry salary in that field. This would give a salary of up to a maximum SEK 21,000 per month. 

The worker would also be expected to spend 30 per cent of their time at work learning skills.

"Sweden has a lot of problems and the biggest problem is the difference between those who have jobs and those who do not have jobs - the divide in the labour market," said Anna Kinberg Batra, leader of the Moderate party.

The proposal was presented by the leaders of the conservative Moderate Party, the Liberals, the Christian Democrats and the Centre party, who aim to form a government after next election.