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The Moderate Party will elect a new leader on October 1st following Anna Kinberg Batra's resignation. Credit: Henrik Montgomery/TT

Commentator: Kristersson will face the same problems as previous leader

Political commentator: Political commentator: I am delighted he is in the race.
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Mattias Svensson, a writer and commenator with inside knowledge of the Moderate Party, is delighted that Ulf Kristersson has entered the Moderate party leader race, but what direction he will take the party is unclear.

On Friday, Ulf Kristersson, the current Moderate Party economic-policy spokesperson, announced his candidacy to become the new party leader. The other favourite, MP Elisabeth Svantesson, said she now backs Kristersson's leadership bid.

Svensson said that it is not clear with the centre-right Moderate Party should move more to the right or more to the centre.

"They have lost voters doing both and I think they might continue losing voters doing both," he told Radio Sweden.

"As a party whose main idea has been to bring together both liberal and conservatives,...but now we see a differnce between these two ways of thinking," Svensson continued. 

Sweden's former defense minister Mikael Odenberg is the only other candidate in the party leader race.

The new Moderate leader will be elected on October 1st.

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