What really happened last night in Sweden

6:34 min

Donald Trump's "look at what happened last night in Sweden" comment earlier this year has provoked a fresh response in book form.

Last Night in Sweden chronicles what really happened "last night" in Sweden - mermaids swimming, arm-wrestling and flat-hunting. 

President Donald Trump's speech in Florida on the night of February 17 warning that Sweden was having serious problems with immigrants and implied that the country had suffered an immigration-related security incident the night before left many Swedes baffled.

While Trump later admitted that his statement was in reference to a story on immigrants and Sweden he had seen on Fox News, the message that Sweden was a country racked with racial tension, violence and class conflict made headlines around the world.

Now, a new book has been published, Last night in Sweden, which shows images from some of Sweden's best-known photographers, taken during the spring of 2017, depicting everyday life in Sweden, from rural villages to big cities, far-removed from the hard-hitting news headlines. The book has been posted to the White House.

The initiator of the book project, photographer and publisher Jeppe Wikström, tells Radio Sweden that they wanted to send a message to the US President.

This is a counterweight to the alt-right attacks on Sweden."