Burak Mungan works in marketing.
Burak Mungan works in marketing. Credit: Radio Sweden

Flight tax won't keep this person from travelling

White collar worker: Flight tax is not a deal-breaker
4:58 min

"Sweden is at the end of the world," said Burak Mungan, explaining why the government's proposed flight tax will not affect how often he flies.

"You can't just take a train to Italy," he said, explaining that when he travels, he likes to go to southern Europe for the sunlight.

Mungan, who works in marketing, met up with Radio Sweden at the central station during his lunch break and discussed how different aspects of the proposed budget will affect his expenses.

Among the budget propositions is a flight tax, which would require passengers to pay SEK 60 extra for travel from Sweden to a destination within Europe, and between SEK 250 and 400 for destinations outside the EU.

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