Police chief Dan Eliasson
Police chief Dan Eliasson. Credit: Christine Olsson/TT

Police chief quizzed by MPs over payroll revelations

National Police Chief Dan Eliasson was questioned by the parliamentary justice committee on Thursday over Swedish Radio's revelations about security breaches in the police handling of payroll and personnel information.

Dan Eliasson came under fire earlier this month after Swedish Radio revealed that he decided, back in the spring of 2015, to forgo using the necessary, Defense Ministry approved encryption programmes, required by law, to keep personnel data safe.

Police said they were in a hurry to get help with their payroll and personnel IT system and that using their own encryption programmes would save money. That's why they reached out to the Canadian company CGI who developed the system and granted them access to such information as officers' names, salaries, addresses and other personal details.

Following the hearing, Thursday, several MPs were critical of the police chief and the decision he made in 2015.

"We will look at what Säpo comes up with in its investigation, but it is clear to me that there has been a breach of rules. I find it hard to see that a government official can stay if he violates very important safety rules," Centre party politician Johan Hedin tells Swedish Radio.

"In the thirteenth paragraph of the Security Protection Regulation, it makes clear the need to use a encryption system approved by the defense force. It has not happened in this case and therefore the security police's investigation is very important," says Christian Democrat Andreas Carlson.

Dan Eliasson also spoke to Swedish Radio after the hearing.

"I explained how I see the legal situation and I have found that neither I nor committee members nor the media can decide what is right or wrong in this context, but it is Säpo, the supervisory authority. We will wait for their investigation," he said.

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