Former Sweden Democrat Hanna Wigh and party leader Jimmie Åkesson.
Former Sweden Democrat Hanna Wigh and party leader Jimmie Åkesson.

Prosecutor investigates Sweden Democrat sexual abuse case

Jimmie Åkesson: I am staying neutral.
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A member of parliament for the Sweden Democrats has left the party after saying she was sexually assaulted by a colleague who will take a time-out from politics.

On Monday, Hanna Wigh told investigative programme Kalla Fakta on TV4 that she thinks the sex attack was a punishment for speaking out about a case of financial fraud in the party.

The man accused of the attack has taken a "time out" on Tuesday from his duties in the Riksdag. A special prosecutor has been appointed to launch a preliminary investigation into the allegations.

The leader of the Sweden Democrats, Jimmie Åkesson, says to Swedish Radio P4 Extra he is remaining neutral in the matter, since the accusation has not been proven.

Åkesson also said he did not know who Wigh's alleged attacker was but Wigh later stated that he was lying. 

"He got the name from me. I met him in TV4's corridor (Tuesday) morning and we had a conversation where I explained who it is. I also explained when and how it happened," she said to the online news site Nyheter24.

In the Kalla Fakta program a former assistant head of party security and a local councillor also supported the accusations of repeated sexual assault within the Sweden Democrats.

Political scientist Ann-Cathrine Jungar says to Radio Sweden that the overwhelming majority of those who vote for nationalist parties such as the Sweden Democrats are men, as are the activists and leaders, although as it grows it is reaching out to women more, but recent events may make that difficult.

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