Prosecutor Hans Ihrman and the suspected terrorist Rakhmat Akilov.
Prosecutor Hans Ihrman and the suspected terrorist Rakhmat Akilov. Credit: TT

Prosecutors say 150 affected by Stockholm terror

Prosecutor: So far it seems the terrorist acted alone
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The prosecution in the terror attack along Stockholm's Drottninggatan street has identified 150 victims of the suspected terrorist, and he is liable to be charged with further crimes.

Prosecutor Hans Ihrman says to Swedish Radio that the 150 people were, in some way, affected by the attack. Either they were directly in the path of the lorry, or they were in a place where they could have been seriously injured by debris such as concrete falling from the building hit by the vehicle.

The prosecution will soon ask that the terrorism suspect, Rakhmat Akilov from Uzbekistan, should be charged with new crimes, such as attempted murder and putting people in danger.

Five people were killed and 15 injured on April 7 when the truck was driven down the pedestrian street of Drottninggaten in central Stockholm. It also smashed into the front of the large Åhléns department store.

The prosecution has called back many people who rang emergency numbers, and examined security camera footage to find out how many people were affected by the incident.

The suspect is currently held, on suspicion of terrorism by murder.

Everyone who was affected by the attack will in some way have the right to compensation, says Hans Ihrman.

Around 50 people are working on the prosecution. Part of their work is to estimate how much damage was done to Sweden in general, since one of the criteria for a terrorist charge is that the crime affected a state. The team has held 1,700 interviews so far and cooperated with four other countries. They hope to formally launch the prosecution before the new year.

And so far the prosecutors think the terrorist acted alone. Hans Ihrman says to Swedish Radio News that there are no other suspects, and there is nothing that indicates the man was working with others.

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