Police confronting demonstrators with helmets and shields.
Police confronting the demonstrators from the Nordic Resistance Movement in Gothenburg. Credit: Björn Larsson Rosvall/TT

All suspected rioters released from custody

All 23 people who were in custody, suspected of violent rioting during Saturday's demonstrations in Gothenburg, have been released. They are however still suspected of the crime, the prosecutor in charge said.

"We can establish that there is extensive film footage from the incident this weekend, which is described as a violent riot. This means that we now have a good picture of what happened," the prosecutor Ulrika Åberg said in a statement on Monday evening.

The suspects have all been questioned by the police while in custody, but as there is so much film footage available, Åberg does not think that releasing them will influence or hinder the investigation in any way.

"They have been released, but all of them are still suspected of the crime," she said in the statement.

The investigation will continue, and according to Åberg, it is possible that more people will be suspected of crime in connection with the events in Gothenburg at the weekend.


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