Rameez Hussain (left), CEO Jörgen Eng (right)
Rameez Hussain (left), CEO Jörgen Eng (right) Credit: Phelan Chatterjee/SR

Indian app developer deported after seven years in Sweden

Rameez Hussain: It was because of an insurance error made by my previous employer
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The Migration Agency refused to renew twenty-nine-year-old Rameez Hussain's permit due to an insurance error made by a previous employer.

Hussain told Radio Sweden that this was expected after what happened to his Pakistani colleague Tayyab Shabab. Shabab, who has now moved to Berlin, was facing deportation for similar reasons.

Yet unlike Shabab, Hussain opted to not file an appeal, because he saw how "tough and stressful" Shabab's experience of appealing the local Migration Court's decision was. He has now returned to India to reapply for a work permit.

Hussain's employer, the CEO of Dynamo Consulting, Jörgen Eng, complained that the deportations have hit business operations hard, and found it difficult to understand the Swedish Migration Agency's decision.

But Erik Holmgren at the Migration Agency explained to Radio Sweden that they were just following the law.

In order to get an extension, you need to show that minimum salary and insurance conditions were met during your previous employment. If you didn't get the conditions you were promised initially, you can't get an extension.

Holmgren clarified that it is both the employee's and employer's responsibility to ensure that the conditions are met. Errors cannot be corrected retroactively.

Asked whether it was unfair on employees to be deported for the errors of their employers, he said that he understood that "it is mainly a problem for the employee, and can hit the employee very hard."


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