A beggar sits outside a grocery store in Vellinge municipality.
A beggar sits outside a grocery store in Vellinge municipality. Credit: Björn Lindgren /TT

Skåne county stops Vellinge begging ban

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Skåne County Administrative Board has revoked the decision in Vellinge council to ban begging, as the council failed to prove the begging disrupts the public order.

Last month, Vellinge municipality, southern Sweden, attempted to ban begging in two public squares. Its ban was set to take effect from the beginning of next year.

But now the regional County Administrative Board has revoked the decision, saying that it does not comply with the public order act.

"They have had some public complaints against begging, but they have not shown that it is a disruption against public order in Vellinge," said Ola Melin, deputy county governor of Skåne's Administrative Board.

The chairman of Vellinge local council, Carina Wutzler of the Moderate party, tells news agency TT she is disappointed and surprised with the county's reasoning.

"Not everything in the local rules on order are based on complaints from the citizens, which is what they are asking for here. I think they are handling this issue a bit illogical," she said.

Asked what it would take to make a local ban on begging possible, Ola Melin said he did not want to speculate, but added: "When you want to make additions to Swedish law, you should be very specific with what you want to do. In this case, they have not been that".

Vellinge council can appeal the decision to the administrative court.

There are currently two parties in the national parliament, the Moderates and the Sweden Democrats, that want to introduce a national begging ban.

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