Man in blue winter coat in front of a pile of snow, with some saw dust on.
Roger Hedlund on the mountain of snow saved from last winter. Credit: Simon Gunnholt/Sveriges Radio

Östersund gearing up to open season's first ski tracks

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With November right around the corner, officials in Östersund are preparing to open the first ski tracks for the season - with snow from last year.

"We have about 55 cubic metres of snow that we will put out on the tracks now," said Roger Hedlund, who is in charge of the ski tracks in Östersund.

The snow has been kept under a thick layer of sawdust over the summer. Roger Hedlund is particularly pleased that this year, only 9.6 per cent of the snow has melted away, the rest is ready to be used on the tracks. Every year, around this time of the year, it is a bit of a surprise to see how the snow has fared over the summer. 

"It is like a Christmas gift every year. Sometimes it is very icy, ... sometimes it is like sugar, it does not bind together very well. But this year's snow is good. It is a little wet, so it is very good to build the tracks with," Hedlund said.

He believes that the quality of the snow has something to do with the fact that it was a relatively cold and miserable summer in the area.

"It was not a good summer for people in Östersund, but it was good for storing snow,"

On Friday, a 1.7 kilometre track will be ready for skiers and then, in the middle of November, the tracks are ready for the World Ski Biathlon which is held in Östersund in the end of November.

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