Tomas Tobé (right) has demanded an answer from Morgan Johansson on the actions of poklice chief Dan Eliasson (left).
Tomas Tobé (right) has demanded an answer from Morgan Johansson on the actions of poklice chief Dan Eliasson (left). Credit: TT

Moderates up pressure on police IT security scandal

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The head of Swedish Parliament's Justice Committee has formally called on the government to decide whether to bring sanctions against the country's police chief for signing an IT contract that went against national security protocols.

Tomas Tobé, who is also justice spokesman for the opposition Moderate Party, has submitted a written parliamentary question to Justice Minister Morgan Johansson, giving the government until Wednesday next week to respond.

"It is, in principle, the case that the Government Disciplinary Board for Higher Officials can take decisions on disciplinary measures," Tobé said. "It appears that up until now, Morgan Johansson does not seem willing to take responsibility for this."

An investigation by Sveriges Radio last month discovered that Dan Eliasson, Sweden's national police chief, had broken government IT security protocols when he decided not to use official encryption systems when giving a contract to a private IT provider to help maintain the police's payroll system.

But Sweden's Prosecution Office has ruled that it will not launch a preliminary investigation into the affair, arguing that although Eliasson had taken the wrong decision, he had committed no crime. 

The police formally requested permission from the Swedish Defence Forces to use an unapproved encryption programme in August 2014, hoping this would allow the payroll management outsoucing contract to go ahead. 

When the permission was refused, Eliasson then decided to go ahead with the outsourcing contract nonetheless, telling the private company that it could use an alternative encryption programme that was not approved by the Swedish Armed Forces.

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